Is your home getting too small for you and your family? Don’t pick up and move! Add on!

Look no further than our complete home addition services from Organic Builders.

When you begin to outgrow the size of your home, you may think the only option is to move. But that’s simply not the case. A home addition – whether you’re building up or building out – is the ideal way to make your home work for you again.

Why choose a home addition?

It’s a big decision – we get it. Here are some reasons you may want to opt for a home addition rather than a complete move.

Less expensive than moving

There are a lot of added costs when you decide to pack up and move on. By opting for a home addition, you’re incurring the costs of the project, but at the same time you’re adding equity to your home should you decide to sell in the future.

Less hassle

Quite simply moving is no fun. Yes the new place may be exciting, but think about the packing, organizing and lugging you’ve got to do to get there. Home additions let you stay in place while we transform your space into something totally new.

Add space

You want to make your home bigger – that’s the point of the addition, right? When completed you’ve now added more square footage to your home to use exactly how you want.

More room for guests

No more cramping in a small space – adding on to your home gives you the option to design a space specifically for guests. This is especially great if you regularly gather at your house.

Could rent out the space if you choose

Why not add on and add a little monthly income, too? Especially if you live in an area of a high demand, adding on a rental area gives you a way to make some extra money.

A totally customized space

A home addition lets you totally start from scratch. Whether your adding on out of necessity or simply to add a dream room to your home – we’ll help make your dreams a reality.

Our Home Addition Services

Whether you’re simply adding on an extra bedroom or a completely new wing in your home – our experts are here to guide you throughout the entire process.

Our home addition services include (but are not limited to):

Master Bedrooms

Master Bedrooms

Build the bedroom of your dreams, a place to relax and unwind at the end of a long day. This not only improves your home today, but also adds value for the future.

Family Rooms

Family Rooms

Especially if you have children, a family room is place for the whole family to spend time together, without having to worry about messing up the living room.



Whether you need another bathroom to accommodate a growing family or simply want to add a luxurious addition – we can assist you through the entire process.

Second Story Additions

Second Story Additions

Don’t have space to build out? Go up! Especially if you live somewhere where outdoor area is a limited, a second story addition is the ideal way to increase square footage without compromising your exterior space.

Patio, Deck or Sunroom

Patio, Deck or Sunroom

Improve your home’s relationship with the outdoors. Create a better flow into your backyard with a stunning deck or build a sunroom to keep the sun shining into your home all year long.

Garage Additions

Garage Additions

Massachusetts winters can be rough – soften the blow by adding a garage to store your vehicle during the winter months. No more scraping – hooray! Garages can be attached or detached as well. 

If you think a home addition may be in your future, please get in touch with us today. We’d be more than happy to provide you with more information and a free, no-obligation consultation.