Why You Should Enjoy the Unique Features of Granite Countertops

If you walk into any modern build or remodeled home these days, you’re sure to see granite somewhere in the living space. Whether it be someone’s kitchen countertops or their bathroom countertops, granite has become the norm, and for good reason. Granite is a beautiful stone feature, generally ingrained with varying colors and patterns that can make an interior space shine in its own authentic way. Therefore, if you’re looking to recreate your kitchen or bathroom space, here’s why you should enjoy the unique qualities of granite countertops, too. 

They’re Practical and Easy on Upkeep

Once granite countertops are installed and polished over, they remain a fairly clean and maintainable countertop thereafter. They have a particularly smooth surface that doesn’t allow for stains or food particles to set in, and they’re non-porous so they’re simple to spray and wipe down to catch any lingering spills or bacteria for added hygienic benefits.

They’re Available in a Variety of Styles

Changing your kitchen countertops or bathroom countertops to granite doesn’t have to mean throwing out your entire interior decorating theme. Thankfully, granite comes in a wide array of colors and patterns, able to suitably fit right into an already decorated room. If you prefer light colors, there are white, light gray and lightly tanned patterns, while those who enjoy their darker neutral bases can opt for the black or dark gray and blue varieties.

They’re Continuously Becoming More Affordable

Due to the rising popularity of granite in recent years, the amount of stone available continues to grow —  meaning that they’re also becoming more affordable for family homes. In fact, if you’re interested in choosing granite for multiple areas in your living space, you might be able to find a single slab for a cheaper price that can then be cut into sections to cover the additional rooms. 

If you’re hoping to upgrade your bathroom or kitchen countertops, granite is a wise and affordable choice. Its unique versatility and easy maintenance means having high-quality countertops for years to come.