Why Is My Home Renovation Bill Unexpectedly High?


Undergoing home renovations can be exciting, but very stressful. One reason for this is the large expense associated with installing new floors, walls, plumbing, and appliances, among other things. Here are some reasons why a home renovation can cost you an unexpectedly high amount.

What Contributes to Home Renovation Costs?

There are many factors that can increase the expense involved in a home improvement project, including:

  • Excavation: The process of digging for and moving matter in the ground requires the use of special equipment and transport of the matter for many miles.
  • Materials: This can be expensive because homeowners often purchase only what they need and cannot take advantage of economies of scale. 
  • Labor: The cost of this may increase if something unexpected is found that needs to be repaired during the renovation. 
  • HVAC systems and plumbing: These parts are already expensive, and can become even more so if the original parts you wanted are out and you need to purchase pricier replacement parts. 
  • Modifications: Making structural changes to the walls of a home can affect the load-bearing capacity of the house, and it costs additional money to balance out these changes. 

Even the most well-planned home renovations can have something unexpected arise. This increases the estimated price of the renovation by increasing the amount of labor, materials, and time needed to complete the project.

What Are My Options?

Even though home renovations often go over their estimated costs, it still makes sense to have some idea of what you might be charged by a professional renovation company. It may be wise to ask around and get more than one estimate of the bill. Leave room in your budget to cover unexpected materials and repairs.

Undergoing home improvements can increase your quality of life as well as the resale value of your house. However, be smart when it comes to budgeting and preparing for unexpected charges.