What Is the Best Material for a New Deck?

new deck

Putting in a new deck or outdoor patio is a big investment, and one you want to make with the future of your property in mind. That means you need to pick the best materials ahead of hiring a builder you can trust to use workmanship that’s on par with the materials you’ve chosen and source vendors who provide the highest quality selection of deck boards and posts. So what material are you looking for? Today’s deck building experts generally recommend one of two types, cedar and composite, and there are distinct advantages to each.

Why Choose Cedar?

All cedar deck boards are desirable to builders and homeowners alike for a variety of reasons:

  • Quality cedar resists moisture damage due to the wood’s natural properties, helping sealants be more effective
  • Cedar’s unique appearance and the compatible finishes available provide a beautiful selection of deck appearances
  • All natural decking has a rustic appeal many homeowners desire in a deck
  • Unlike generic wood labeled for outdoor use, cedar is higher quality than most other types of lumber

Why Prefer Composites?

Composite materials are made from a variety of sources, some of which include natural plant fiber, alongside recycled materials and some new materials that are often cycled in when a product is not advertised as 100% recycled. This makes them strong, resilient, and green. While natural wood seems green, it requires trees that could be left in place. Decking made from recycled materials often includes recycled wood as one ingredient, but the use of some non-toxic artificial materials makes them stronger than wood and more permanent, without the use of any new natural resources in many cases. There are also composites built for premium use with all original materials, giving you flexibility.

  • Never worry about resealing after deck building
  • Get the color and texture you like in your new deck
  • Stand up to extreme weather events
  • Composites take heat and cold equally well, so they are great in the desert or even where it freezes

Ask about composite decking when you interview contractors to learn more.