Renovations That Increase Your Home’s Value


Home renovations can be exciting. They increase your home’s value and give you a home with the custom features you desire. However, the best strategy for these renovations is to put your money where it will increase your home’s value the most.  

Kitchen Renovations

Everyone loves a big, spacious, beautiful kitchen. Unfortunately, older homes, and even some newer homes, don’t have dream kitchens. You and your contractor can go all out on your kitchen renovation, spending tens of thousands of dollars to remove walls to open up your space, add an island or peninsula, replace cabinetry and install solid-surface countertops and hardwood or tile flooring.

However, several small changes can also have a big impact. For example, you can paint your cabinetry. You may also purchase and install new, more modern cabinet doors and hardware. You should consider updating and adding lighting. If you can, invest in your countertops, but avoid busy, bold pieces, and install a tile backsplash.

Master Bedroom Upgrades

If you have large bedroom furniture pieces and want a designated sitting area in your bedroom, you need a large, spacious bedroom. You may also desire walk-in closets and an attached bathroom. Your master bedroom is your sanctuary, so these upgrades are important during home renovations.

Bathroom Updates

If you can afford it, consider upgrading your bathrooms, especially your master. For example, you may include installing double sinks with solid-surface countertops and new cabinetry and a standalone bathtub and separate shower. You may include luxury features, such as heated floors.

However, you can also invest in simple upgrades that have an impact, such as changing your flooring and lighting, upgrading your vanity and freshening your paint.

Consider the Neighborhood

Your home renovations should be based on your current home value and the average value of the homes in your neighborhood. Try not to spend so much on updates that you price your home out of the market and lose money on the sale. This is especially important if you plan to sell your home soon.

A reputable contractor can help you spend your money on the renovations that will have the greatest impact on your home’s value.