Ramp Up Your Home Remodel With Victoria Accents


Embossed metal tiles came into fashion during the Victorian era. They were coveted for their durability, style, and affordability. Metal tiles also had the added benefit of being fireproof.

If you are contemplating a remodel of your home, consider how gorgeous your space would look with some functional and decorative metal tiles.

Kitchen Elegance

Metal tiles are a popular material to use for kitchen remodeling because they are easy to clean and fire-resistant for areas around the stove. The tiles are available in a number of finishes such as stainless steel, copper, pewter, and bronze. They also come in several geometric shapes so you can design a stunning mosaic pattern.

Use metal tiles in your kitchen remodeling choices for the backsplash, countertops. or even the floor. Incorporating metal tiles into your wet bar is another popular choice. Some Victorian homes also used them for the ceiling.

You can use complementary or matching finishes on two or more areas of the room for a cohesive design. Match your tiles to the appliance color scheme or opt for a high contrast look to make them stand out.

Dining Room Delights

While the use of metal tiles can darken a room, depending upon the finish you select, they add a cozy yet refined touch. They work wonderfully with dark wooden furniture pieces and colorful accent carpets.

You can use pressed metal tiles as wainscoting or on the floor. Add an antique chandelier to tie the elements of the room together and play up the Victorian influence.

Bathroom Charm

Metal tiles are not just for kitchen remodeling purposes. They can also add a touch of class and rustic charm to your bathroom. Use them to frame in your shower or add a decorative border to your walls.

A Victorian flair can add timeless appeal to your home. Enjoy an endless number of design possibilities that will create a beautiful interior that can last for decades.