Important Elements of Bathroom Design


It’s easy to dream of the things you want to do to make your bathroom more functional. Turning your bathroom remodeling ideas into realities though, requires a lot of work and professional assistance. Here are some factors you must consider during the project.

General Layout

The first thing your design contractor does is draw up a general plan of how the finished room should look and make detailed notations about the space. Even if you are just updating the floor and countertops, technicians will still need accurate measurements of the room to estimate the amount of materials needed. This first planning session also reveals the kind of expertise the team working on your remodel is going to need. Contractors must ensure they have the certified plumbers, electricians and architects to do the job properly.


Every bathroom needs adequate storage. Bath linens, toilet paper, cleaning supplies and toiletries must all be easy to access. Take these factors into consideration when talking to your contractor about your bathroom remodeling plan.


Safety is also an important element in good bathroom design. Floors, tubs and showers need to have non-slip surfaces. You may want to add grab bars for extra support near the bathtub or toilet. Think about potential long-term needs, such as wider doors for wheelchair access, when planning your remodel.


Another vital aspect of bathroom design is making sure all changes follow required building codes. These regulations may vary slightly between areas, but a local contractor should know the standards that the project has to meet. All electrical components must be adequately grounded, the room must have proper ventilation, and the main light should have a switch near the entrance to the room.

Whether the changes you are making in your bathroom are large or small, there are certain elements that must be considered with every project. Make sure your bathroom remodeling plan covers all its bases.