Get an Addition That Fits Your Home

Home Renovation

If you are observant, you can probably tell when an addition has been built onto an existing home. In so many cases, the newer structure doesn’t fit harmoniously with the older house. This visible discordance can be for many reasons: the add-on is a different paint color or material, it is too large or too small, or it doesn’t match the quality of the current home. To avoid this, you must select a building contractor who is skilled with home additions.

The best way to pick a good building contractor is to go out and look at work the contractor has finished. If you have the ability, look at several examples of the contractor’s work. This should give you a solid idea of the quality of the builder’s work. If possible, inspect the work from the inside and the outside. 

This time-consuming route might not be practical for everyone. The next best thing is to get several references from builders who specialize in home additions. Talk to friends and family and acquaintances and consider their highest recommendations. Once you have the names of several builders, you should do some background checks to disqualify companies with a bad history. If possible, talk with former clients of the builder.

The final step is to meet in person with the builder. Go over your plans and see if the builder can complete the project you want. Talk pricing and get firm estimates. Clearly state the quality of work you expect. Go over the amount of time the job will take. Don’t be afraid to ask the company if it has all the necessary licensing and insurance in place.

Home additions are a big project. Make sure you spend some time finding the best contractor for the job. The right contractor can build an addition that will look great from the outside and inside.