When it comes to remodeling projects, people may commonly think of home or office renovations. However, rarely may they consider that other structures need it too, like parking garages. These massive buildings take tons of wear and tear over the years, as cars and foot traffic come and go day in and day out. In fact, they’re designed to do this. Here are some of the main reasons and advantages of performing parking garage restoration.

Although parking garages are built to withstand years of barrage from the elements, a main reason to restore them is to improve their waterproofing systems. These updates prevent water damage from building up gradually, which can put too much tension on the parking garage’s interior structure. These waterproofing updates can prolong a garage’s functionality.

In the restoration process, there are often new technologies, construction methods, and other improvements to add that have come out in the years after it was constructed. For example, another reason to remodel a parking garage would be to implementone of these new technologies, such ascement reinforcement. Instead of placing rebar in wet concrete to reinforce the structure of the garage, companies can instead use steel cords in their garage restoration by placing them inside the concrete. Doing so prevents the concrete from breaking or cracking under the weight of traffic.

These cords offer a third reason to remodel an old parking garage, which is to improve functionality, rather than merely restore it. Previously, with the old rebar reinforcement, repairing cracked cement required an entire replacement of all the poured concrete on the deck. However, with the new steel cables, construction crews only have to replace the single cord and then pour cement around it. By doing so, the garage is not only restored but improved.

Although many people might consider home and offices to be the most common restoration projects, performing parking garage restoration can be just as important. Remember that remodeling can restore the building’s functionality and improve it!