Taking Your Home to New Levels With Granite Flooring


Are you interested in adding flair and personality to your home while also increasing its value? Granite flooring could be the answer to your prayers. Granite is a unique building material because it has many color variations to suit most homeowners’ tastes. Would you like to know more about what makes granite flooring a great choice if you are building or renovating your home? Here are just a few smart reasons to use granite for your floors.


Granite gets its unique coloration from several minerals, including quartz, obsidian, mica, silica, and feldspar. It is available in black and earth tones and can look both natural and informal as well as elegant and sophisticated. Some of the more common varieties include tan brown, with its black and gray flecks, Caledonia, a lighter gray and white blend, Baltic brown, with hues of black, tan, and dark gray, and black galaxy, with hints of gold and white.


It’s not just the beauty that granite provides that makes homeowners love this natural stone; granite is also incredibly durable and easy to maintain. Its hard surface is non-porous, so it can resist stains and scratches better than other materials. It also resists heat, which can keep it cooler in warmer climates. Because it is so tough, granite flooring is perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, and anywhere else your home sees heavy traffic.


Granite also resists moisture, which is why it doesn’t stain, but it can also become slippery when wet. That can easily be addressed with a simple anti-slip grit coating to take away that slick surface. That way, you can get all the benefits that granite flooring delivers without the concern about slips and falls. Your granite flooring can look great without compromising your safety.


You really can have it all with granite: an eco-friendly building material that delivers as much in style as it does in practicality and longevity.