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Preparations for an Addition to Your Home


Sometimes the place you call home is not quite big enough to accommodate your family’s growing and evolving needs. Fortunately, home additions allow you to stay in the house you love while gaining the space you desire. When choosing to do a home addition, these important preparatory steps can help the process go as smoothly as possible.

Come Up With a Plan

Determine exactly how you want to utilize the new space. Are you looking to create a family room, a guest bedroom or an office? Maybe you even want to add an entire second story to the house. Once you have decided on the type of home addition you want, establish a floor plan that makes sense. Make use of sketchpads and design software to help you get a clear picture of what the new space will look like. Your contractor can even provide tips and assistance on how to best design the new floor plan.

Set a Budget

Take the time to sit down and go over your finances in order to ensure that you have the funds to see the project through to completion. Carefully figure out how much money you want to allot to the new addition, and determine if there is any wiggle room in the budget or not. Having the money matters settled ahead of time can prevent unexpected stress down the line.

Get a Home Repair Permit

It is important to make sure you are compliant with your local building codes by getting the necessary permits. You will likely need to acquire a standard building permit that allows you to make changes to the property footprint. However, you may also need special permits for electrical, HVAC and more. Be sure to secure your permits before getting started. If you are unsure where to begin, ask your contractor for advice.

Home additions offer a great alternative to moving. They can increase the value of your home, and may even be less expensive than a move. Most importantly, they give your beloved home a breath of fresh life and provide an exciting new space for everyone to enjoy.