How To Pull Off a Second-Story Addition Without Breaking the Bank

Whether you want to create more space for your growing family, increase the value of your home or both, a second story addition is a great way to accomplish your goals. The problem is that second story additions are costly. That said, it is possible to pull one off without breaking the bank. Below are a few tips that will help you do so.

Shop Around for Quotes

The worst thing you can do when it comes to a home renovation project as extensive as adding an addition is to hire the first contractor you meet. Shop around for quotes. Don’t just look for someone who offers the lowest price, though. Rather, look for someone who promises to give you the most value for your every dollar. This may mean hiring someone who quotes you a higher price but who has the processes, materials and manpower to get the job done quickly and without issues.

Ideally, you will gather between three and five quotes. Compare the estimated totals and the cost breakdowns. If a contractor does not provide a cost breakdown, be wary.

Save all Salvageable Materials

The cost of materials will make up a large portion of your budget. While your contractor cannot get around tearing off your roof or opening up your walls, he or she can help you save thousands of dollars in materials by preserving all salvageable resources. Ask your contractor to hold onto lumber, roof tiles and other goods that may come in handy when it comes time to build your second story additions.

Shop for Secondhand Furnishings

Once your addition is done, you may find that you need to continue to dip into your savings for furnishings and other items. So that you don’t dip too much, consider shopping garage sales, flea markets and estate sales for gently used items. You can always replace them with new items later on down the road, or you may find that their gently-used charm adds much-needed character to your new space.

Second story additions are expensive. However, by shopping around for quotes, reusing salvageable materials and furnishing your new space with gently used items, you can pull your renovation off without breaking the bank.