Broken panes, drafty frames or outdated designs are all great reasons to replace your windows. A single window replacement or an entire home of windows can be easily performed by a professional installation team, but there are a few important decisions to make before you make the call. Here is a few essential tips and information about replacing your windows.

Choose Energy Efficient Designs

You won’t be saving any money by choosing a budget, single-pane option. While the low price tag may be tempting, you’ll soon spend far more money on your energy bills. Look for Energy Star certified models, particularly with double or triple panes. Professional installation ensures that there are no air leaks around the window frame, which would otherwise negate the energy-efficient investment.

Match Your Current Look

While you don’t need to choose the exact style and brand for your window replacement, you should keep in mind the look and feel of your old window. This is especially important if you’re only replacing a single window, since you’ll probably have other nearby windows that you need to match. Think about how you want your window to open, if you need a screen and what shape will best fit in your interior and exterior style.

Measure Twice

Purchasing windows that are too small or too large can be costly and awkward to install. Contractors will either need to make a larger opening or frame in a smaller one, both of which can affect the interior and exterior look of your home. When in doubt, have a professional come and take accurate measurements of the window you need replaced.

Hire Local

A local contractor will not only provide you with excellent service, but will have first-hand experience in your area. Energy efficiency ratings are categorized by climate zone, and each county or state can have their own unique climate factors. Choose a professional who understands what your window replacement needs to be efficient, elegant and useful.