Deciding Between Wood Flooring and Laminate Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is a popular and beautiful choice for your home or office. A wooden floor never goes out of style and can work with almost any color scheme and design. So what, then, is the difference between wood flooring and laminate wood flooring and which do you choose?

Differences in Material

Traditional wood flooring is simply hardwood boards that have been cut and treated. Laminate wood is made of synthetic materials that have been printed with the image of hardwood. These days, laminate wood is of high quality and can even come in stone or tile-look designs. 

Colors and Styles are Available

Wood flooring comes in many different colors depending on the type of tree it was sourced from. Cherry is a darker reddish-brown in color while birch and maple are light honey-colored woods. Red oak is a medium tone somewhere in between. There are plenty of other colors and types to choose from. Aged wood, similar to barn wood that is so popular, can be rougher of texture and have a gray color. Knotty pine has large, visible dark knots that provide a unique aesthetic.

The color and style choices for laminate wood flooring are much larger because it is a printed image. Basically, any type of wood, stone or tile that you can imagine, in any color, is a possibility.

Cost and Care

Hardwood flooring costs more than laminate since it is made from a whole, natural material and requires more time and effort to make into boards. The synthetic nature of laminate means it is also easier to produce and can be precut to make installation easier and faster. Both require regular care. You should make sure that your floors have been treated to prevent damage from moisture and check that all cleaning products used are safe.

It comes down to personal preference when choosing a type of wood flooring. The look you are going for, and the price you can comfortably afford, are both factors in choosing the best product for your needs.