Home extensions are a great option for people who don’t want to buy a new home but need more space. However, extending your home is a very lengthy, expensive process. If you’re going to put all that money into enlarging your home, then you will want to pursue a project that will put money back in your pocket when you decide to sell in the future. Here are three home extension projects that will look beautiful and increase the value of your home as well.

1. Secondary-Suite

Adding a secondary-suite, also commonly referred to as a guest suite or mother-in-law suite, is a separate dwelling that is often located in the back yard. If you have a large enough yard or extra land to build one, these suites are a great way to add resale value to your home. They will also be useful whenever you have guests or if you are in a situation where someone is going to live with you for some time. You can even rent out the secondary-suite for a source of extra income. These suites often are just a bedroom or may even have their own kitchenette and bathroom.

2. Ground Floor Extensions

Home extensions on the top floor are often a complicated, pricey project. You’re much better off extending outwards on the bottom story of your home. Examples of ground floor extensions can include an extra room that is turned into a bedroom or office or enlarging a room in your house. You are much more likely to save money and benefit from the value added onto your home from the extension by sticking to the bottom of your home.

3. Enlarge Your Kitchen

Sellers often make the most return when they upgrade their kitchens. If you have a small, outdated kitchen. One good way to add value to your home is by enlarging your kitchen to fit more appliances, counters, and dining space. You’ll love the extra room you have to cook and so will buyers.