Adding a sunroom can be a great way to bring up the value of your home. Depending on what you want, it can also be relatively inexpensive. Sunroom additions range from simple screened-in porch settings to fully weatherproofed, heated new rooms designed to function in all four seasons. The more sophisticated the design, the bigger the initial investment, but it also means the end result will improve the home’s value more. Before you call in a pro, it’s a good idea to decide what you’re going to be looking for. Even if you are stuck between a couple of options, a sunroom addition comparison is easier for your contractor to run through if there are only a couple options.

Screen Rooms and Three Season Rooms

The least expensive options are screened in porches and three season rooms. The biggest difference between them is whether there are full windows or just a screened area. In most climates, a screened-in porch is very cool and comfortable in the summer, but in spring and fall, it can be hit or miss, depending on the weather. They are also the most susceptible to incoming moisture when it rains or snows, limiting their use as storage areas in the off-season. Three season rooms, by contrast, have full windows in place to keep the rain out. Most of the time, they also open to provide the same breezy comfort as a screened porch. When closed, the large windows can trap heat, making it more comfortable in the early parts of spring and the late parts of fall.

Knee-Wall Rooms and Solariums

Knee-wall rooms are popular because they provide a solid wall to about two or three feet high, so you can easily put outlets in your sunroom addition. Above that, they have much the same construction as three season rooms. The outlets make space heaters easier to use, though, and the partial wall provides additional insulation. At the highest level of investment, solarium rooms are built to bring in light while being climate controlled with the same HVAC system used in the rest of the house, making them the most useful sunroom addition for year-round entertainment and relaxation. As you can see, what goes into an addition like this can change a lot depending on your expectations for the end result.