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Top 5 Upgrades for a Kitchen Remodeling Project


A kitchen remodeling project can give you the chance to incorporate the latest design trends into your home. You can also improve the appearance and functionality of your kitchen. To get the best possible results from your project, make sure to focus on the features and upgrades that will add the most value. Here are some of the most important things to focus on.

1. Add an Island

If your current kitchen layout doesn’t have an island, you can add one during a renovation. An island can give you extra counter space and storage, and it can increase visual interest as well. You may want to integrate a second sink or a cooktop into your island.

2. Choose the Right Cabinet Height

Having custom cabinets that go to the ceiling can make your kitchen look like something out of a design magazine. If you have ceilings that are over 8 feet high, you will probably have a gap between the cabinets and ceiling. You can use decorative molding along the top of the cabinets for a stunning effect.

3. Pick the Best Cabinet Finish

The aesthetics of your new cabinets can drive the rest of your kitchen remodeling project. If you like the look of natural wood, you may want to stain instead of paint your cabinets. Classic and traditional finishes may be more practical than trendy designs that can go out of fashion quickly.

4. Invest in a Solid Countertop

When choosing a countertop material, think about functionality and durability along with appearance. Some materials may require more care and maintenance than others.

5. Include High-Quality Hardware

While you may not see most of the internal hardware in your kitchen, it is still essential to choose the right products. Quality drawer slides, soft-close hinges, and durable shelves can ensure your kitchen will be functional for years.

Making the right decisions in your kitchen remodeling project can ensure you get the outcome you want. The cabinets, countertop, and hardware are some of the most important areas to consider when choosing materials and finishes.