When there is not enough space in a house, many homeowners opt for a new addition. A new room being added can create more space for people to sleep or work. Most of the time, homeowners get an addition on the first floor, but other times, people want a second story addition. This type of renovation is entirely feasible, but it does come with some extra considerations. If you think this project is right for your property, then here are some tips on getting started.

Before even getting started with renovations, you need to make sure the foundation is secure. Some home’s foundation may not be able to handle the extra weight. You need a professional to come out and check to ensure everything is all right. Your house may be able to handle a first story addition. However, a second story one may be out of the question.

Even if the foundation can handle the weight, you will want to check with local authorities to make sure it is legal in your area to add a new addition. Some areas will not mind a second story addition, but you want to double-check just to be sure. Some areas may not allow you to make additions at all while others prohibit second story ones.

Finally, it is important to remember that additions are expensive home renovations. You should create a budget beforehand and not go too much over it. A contractor will provide you with an estimate before starting anything so that you have an idea of how much you need to set aside. It is a good idea to set aside a little more than the estimate in case unexpected costs come up.

A second story addition can add a lot of value to a home, but you need to go about this project wisely. Get the most out of your investment by following these tips.